A passion for motorcycling and traveling

Uwe Krauss, the founder and owner of Lilli Tours looks back at a career of 35 years in the motorcycle business. In his first life he was civil engineer. In 2001 he went out traveling around the world for almost 7 years partly financing this project with travel articles in publications in Europe, North America and Australia. For the last 20 years he sampled experience by leading and designing tours for the US-based company Bluerimtours. Combining both, the knowledge of more then 300 travel articles for various magazines mainly in Europe and the experience and rewards of happy tour participants he founded his own company after Bluerimtours changed their business focus towards the motorcycle-travel magazine Roadrunner.

Customers will benefit from his multilingual approach (German as mother tongue, English fluent, Spanish fluent, Italian and French to get by) as it allows to get some insight views of the traveled countries or have nice roadside conversations (translations) which often makes a difference between a passive tourist and a visitor who likes to indulge in a foreign culture. It happens on a regular basis, that locals invite the whole group to try their fruits they are just harvesting or show us around their towns which they are proud of.

Last but not least perfectly maintained bikes get rented from well established companies.