Top of Europe

Experience the thrill of riding through the stunning Alps on our Top of Europe Tour. This 15-day adventure includes 13 days of exhilarating riding, with 2 optional rest days. Explore Mont Blanc, Col de la Bonette, Grand Canyon du Verdon, Provence, and Lago Maggiore on this 1,820-mile journey. With a skill level rated as "difficult," this tour is designed for experienced riders seeking a challenging and unforgettable experience in the highest and remotest part of the Alps.

Price: from $ 7320.00

Croatia Coast & Curves

Experience the thrill of winding down the curvy Mediterranean coast on our Croatia Coast & Curves Tour. This 9-day adventure starts and ends in Munich, taking you through Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. Enjoy 1,565 miles of breathtaking scenery, including the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. With a skill level rated as "moderate," this tour is suitable for both newer and seasoned riders. Accommodations, meals, and fuel are included for a hassle-free experience.

Price: from $ 7280.00

Portugal / Spain

This tour leads us through the most beautiful areas of these two culturally very interesting countries. From Moorish and Christian built fortresses, along some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and up through the second highest mountain range in Europe this tour offers a great variety of sights. Great roads with an overall difficulty between 3 and 4 make this tour well suited for couples. Hotels, food and sights will be on the highest level among all the trips.

Price: from $ 7160.00

Southern Italy / Sicily

Southern Italy has a lot to offer: active volcanos, a beautiful coastline with the mountains never far away. Each of the towns where we will stay has something special about it and is worth exploring. Apart from Rome they all are situated along the coast, million dollar views and pure Mediterranean feeling included. The roads with an overall difficulty of 4 promise great motorcycle riding every day. With all the pretty sights and towns and the great Italian food this tour is well suited for couples.

Price: from $ 6830.00

Sardinia / Corsica / Tuscany

This tour is culturally and geographically highly interesting and diverse, touching two countries. Compared to the mainland the islands have a very different feeling with the least amount of traffic on their great roads. Tuscany throughs it’s architectural splendor at us compared to the formerly poorer islands, where everything is built down to earth style. Fantastic coastal roads alternate with exciting mountain passes the whole time, difficulty 4 out of 5. The tour is well suited for couples.

Price: from $ 6850.00